All pollution in the world is due to the activities related to development of human civilisation. We have designed and created developmental systems (urban, rural, industrial, governmental, political transportation etc) which are designed around human beings and not the environment. Result, human species has turned out to be the only producers of ‘waste’, which by definition is ‘that which cannot be used by other living things’. This includes activities on land, air, water and below earth and these activities generate large amount of free radicals making natural chains of millions of microbes unstable. This is the root cause in rise of number of environmental pollution problems today. With these devices emission from free radicals are decreased and consequently aerobic and anaerobic bacteria increases to restore the microbial chains in nature.

BalanceAll is a range of products that work on restoration of the environment that has degraded due to various types of human activities. It is based on Balance Improvement Technology which is a future of the ideas of modern science that is based on a foundation in particle physics. The crux of environmental problems is the imbalance in the amount of free radicals in our Earth’s systems due to various human activities. What are free radicals? Free radicals are lone highly reactive electrons which have been displaced from their orbital away from the nucleus. In trying to bond with other electrons they disrupt other molecules around thus causing a chain of rapidly increasing free radicals.

Science has proved the existence of ultra-elementary particles smaller than proton, electron and neutron. These are positive charges moving downwards from Earth’s atmosphere and negative charges moving upwards from below the Earth’s crust which meet on the Earth’s crust. The tremendous concentration of charges disrupts the natural chain and functioning of innumerable microorganisms which form the basis of healthy soil, water and air which in turn support various life forms. Breakdown of microbial action breaks down nature’s ability to combat the toxic mixture of pollutants due to various human activities.

BalanceAll devices have transition metals which emit trace metal ions which alter these concentrations to restore the natural environmental chain without creating any further environmental problems.

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Albert Einstein

Nowadays, most pollution treatment methods through modern science use electrical power, chemicals, and treatment processes which produce a large amount of CO2 and waste as byproduct. Balance Improvement treatment method for air, water and soil can eliminate those weak points by working with and enhancing natural environmental chains.

The technology is a result of more than 20 years of research and successful trials and applications. A range of products have been researched and manufactured by Environmental Science Laboratory Co. based in Japan. Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises are distributers of this technology and devices in India. We sincerely believe and dare to imagine BalanceAll to provide remedial solutions from personal mental and physical health to increasing industrial efficiency of boilers and combustion processes and even to pollution abatement in a larger regional or national context.
Balanced goods catalogue

Space series

1.1 Space Coaster, Cosmo Balancer, Space Circle and Space Balance are used for balance improvement in living spaces

1.2 Pyramid Balancer improves concentration and memory activity. Pyramid series is also used in agriculture to improve yield and removal of weeds.

1.3 Space Screen for balance improvement of electromagnetic waves.

1.4 Space Chip for balance improvement of houses and also for electronic appliances

1.5 Kaiteki-Kazoku and Yudan Taitekiare used for balance improvement of odours and in oil degradation

2.Monad series

2.1 Oil Pack for petrol and diesel combustion improvement

2.2 White Pack for removal of dirt in washing machine.

2.3 Smell Pack- Removes unpleasant odour in living spaces

  1. Water series is for water pipes in houses, factories, buildings, schools, and multipurpose facilities. It can also be fitted along piping of cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioners, and drain pipes.
  1. Pollution series is for contaminated rivers, lakes, ground water contamination, wells, water supplies, sewers and sewage systems
  1. Natural series is for contaminated soils, oceans, air pollution, afforestation in deserts, farmlands, and the protection of ozone layer. The main function of these devices is to bring about equilibrium in the environment by balancing free radicals and free electrons. The device is completely safe and does not emit any radiation.

Nature has its own system of checks and balances. For a free electron there is always a proton at some point in the Universe. The cosmos is in total equilibrium. And when sometimes, there is a little shift, a change occurs in the cycle of life.
Unpaired electrons are unstable and thereby may lead to improper reactions in the environment. Prominent example is the hole in ozone layer discovered in 1970s due to free radical catalysts. So it is necessary to control these highly reactive unpaired electrons. The function of the balance device is to harness these unstable free electrons and put them to a better purpose in other reactions and treatment processes.
Some gases like CO, NOx, and CH4 are harmful. But with the help of the free electrons it is possible to convert these gases into simple Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen which are useful. So if the device is successful in converting gases into harmless elements, it can also convert solid wastes and chemicals into harmless by products.

Environmental Science Laboratory Co., Japan has developed a “Balance Improvement theory”. To understand “Balance improvement” one has to remember two things:

1. Entropy increases when substances are mixed together, and it decreases when substances are isolated. The term entropy in thermodynamics is the measure of rate of change from order to disorder.
2. Heat energy is always transferred from higher temperature components to lower temperature components in order to equalize a difference in temperature. Entropy increases in the state of high temperature or low temperature. It is maximized when hot molecules are mixed and diffused. Entropy gradually decreases once the temperature is equalized at a certain level.

The state of a large entropy rate indicates high energy density.

The answer to understanding this theory properly one needs to needs to delve into subject of molecular science. The invention of these products involves concepts of heat transfer in thermodynamics, particle physics, oxidation of metals, trace metal ions, frequency and wavelength and many more.
It is no exaggeration to say that without technological progress, civilized societies could not have been formed. However, current society relies upon massive production and consumption that has lead to a vicious cycle of the increase of industrial waste and environmental contamination. With the use of these devices a “Balance Point” can be achieved.
Balance Point
Energy saving, prevention of deterioration, bacteria activation, improvement of heat transfer rate, improvement of insulation, mute, deodorant, sludge disappearance, growth promotion, reduction of friction, prevention of oxidation, water purification, free of agrochemical use, reduction of detergent, heat interception, groundwater purification, rainwater penetration, reduction of exhaust gases, restoration of ecosystem, disappearance of sludge, purification of soil and life extension of products.


Our devices do not decompose any contaminates, but if suitable environment can be created, various kinds of contaminates can be purified through natural purification. All pollutants like hydrocarbon sludge, chlorinated solvents, PCB, Arsenic, and Pesticides, can be also decomposed.

In the mechanism of micro-organisms’ purification, the micro-organisms absorb the contaminants into their body. Then enzymes will be secreted from their body, and the chain of contaminates molecule will be cut off by the action of enzymes; thereby, organic substances will be converted into water and carbon dioxide, and inorganic substances will be converted to organic matter. This biological activity is called ‘biosynthesis’.

Some time will be required until the suitable environment will be created and its result will show in the contaminated areas. Generally, ten to eighteen month will be required until the contamination can recover. Therefore you have to patiently wait until its recovery; however, once the environmental situation can recover, existing micro-organisms rapidly propagate in those areas if contaminates substances are streamed / discharged

Yes, the life of the device can be considered semi-permanent. The exterior is made up of stainless steel and the internal parts are made of resin, therefore it cannot be corroded or exhausted.

The devices are placed in the four corners and strategic positions inside the complex. They will purify air quality within the complex. They will also increase fertility of the soil and promote growth of plants and trees. Over time, soil purification will help in treating ground water also from salinity, hardness, iron content or any other pollutants but neutralizing active oxygen free radicals and thereby helping microbes restore their natural regenerative systems.

For purification of drinking water on a municipal scale the devices can be fixed to pipelines at regular intervals. For communal water supplies in tanks they can be placed outside the tank wall. The devices will purify water of any metallic or non metallic substances, remove foul odour and remove solvents which could not be removed in the normal filtration process. The resultant water would have a clear distinct taste and still retain valuable minerals in the water.

This is a technique of advanced water treatment which is not only a lot more effective, but also economical. It disinfects, purifies, removes foul odour, removes hardness, and nullifies BOD, COD, TDS, and arsenic, sulphur, iron or any elemental contents from the water. It is suitable for municipal nala, drains or other water bodies which are causing mosquito breeding, health concerns in surrounding areas and pollute coastal waters when these contaminated waters reach the sea.

BalanceAll – Nature series is applicable for soil contamination where the device is fitted below ground level and can decompose contaminants the soil and underground aquifers. It also improves air quality, removes odour above the surface of the site. The devices are fitted on the periphery of the site and ideally suited for industrial plants, chemical farms, municipal dumping grounds etc.

For any heavily contaminated water bodies like tanks, ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, wetlands, coral reefs and others the devices can be fixed around the periphery of the body and will purify water within.

I am a customer with wind turbines fitted and operational.
Normally air molecules and water vapour in the air travel in random directions within the prevailing speed and wind direction. Our devices help in rearranging the directions of these molecules into a unified direction towards the device thereby reducing friction on the blade surface. The rotar blades can capture more wind energy than before consequently increasing efficiency of wind power generation.

The devices have a number of industrial applications, for specific queries or problems please call us.

There are industrial or commercial applications where rust and corrosion in pipes and equipments are a major problem incurring cost and frequent replacement.
Corrosion occurs due to heavy metal deposits in pipes, poor quality of alloys, continuous passage of waters or chemicals etc. All these aspects can be taken care of, by attaching the balance improvement devices to pipes and other equipments. The devices use free electrons and transition metals to get rid of the corroded surface and prevent corrosion in the future.

Balance All- Pyramid balancer in Space series is applicable for farmlands. The devices are fixed along the periphery of the farms. They are of two types, one set of devices control weed growth while the other enhance agricultural yield.

Advantage of these devices is that they do not use any external electrical power, chemicals, or filters and will continue their function throughout their designed lifetime. They can be installed at any location on the Earth’s surface and can be applied to rectify imbalance of free radicals from our personal rooms to communal institutions, industrial to even wider natural world. There is no maintenance associated with the device for as long as the device is installed it will work perfectly. They also do not leave any residual pollution as part of their cleaning up process.