What is NUALGI

Nualgi is a nanotechnology product patented in many countries across the world including India. It facilitates the growth of Diatom Algae in almost any type of water (fresh, brackish, salty or contaminated). Diatom Algae absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into oxygen dissolved in water through photosynthesis process. Diatoms are eaten by zooplankton, insect larvae, small shrimps etc. which are in turn eaten by fishes thereby producing a healthy growth of aquatic food chain. Nualgi doesn’t help to reduce nuisance algae alone, it provides for an organic process of converting nutrients into Diatom algae growth. Diatoms also help other beneficial bacteria to grow that treat the core cause of pollution rather than symptoms. They are consumed as live feed by zooplankton and so on into food chain. This helps to restore a balanced nutrient level converting excess nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in sewage effluents and other contaminated waters. When the dissolved oxygen produced by Diatoms is used up by the aquatic food chain, unwanted water weeds, hyacinth and other harmful algae such as the green and the blue-green algae are deprived of nutrients and slowly die. It needs to be dosed at regular intervals to maintain clean and clear water conditions.

Nualgi has been tested and certified as non toxic with zero mortality on fishes by Institute of Toxicology, Lucknow.

Why is Nualgi important for you?

We live in a complicated urban setup where sources of contamination are spread far and wide around us. To try and stop ALL sources of pollution would be difficult or even impossible. We offer to work with you to.

– Clean sewage affected or severely eutrophic waters to bathing level quality.

– Clean waters of blue-green algae and weeds including persistent weeds.

– Restore water quality in a biologically friendly and cost effective manner.

– Remove foul odour of Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia.

– Reduce faecal coliform levels to permissible limits.

– Reduce heavy metal content in water to permissible limits.

– Reduce or eliminate vector borne larvae like that of malaria, dengue etc.

– Reduce organic sediments at the bottom of water bodies through aerobic digestion.


It is very economical compared to other treatments available. Nulagi is available in packages of 1 litre bottles. Remediation is rapid and can start anytime. It does not need any electricity or civil works for application. Treated waters will be able to support high aquatic biodiversity of fishes, insects and other aquatic creatures.

Diatoms: Diatom is a type of algae. It is also one of the most beneficial algal groups and form the primary producers of live feed in aquatic food chains. Their cell wall is made of silica which can be digested by fishes and other intermediates as compared to green or blue green algae whose cell walls are made of cellulose and cannot be digested by marine animals.

Diatom Algae require CO2, Nitrogen and Phosphorus and many other nutrients including sunlight for photosynthesis. They are responsible for 25% of oxygen in the atmosphere. They absorb more carbon dioxide in the world than all the forests put together.

They bring life back to eutrophic waters. Diatoms grow in huge numbers under right conditions increasing dissolved oxygen content in water and kickstarting an aquatic ecosystem.


Nualgi is non-toxic and also certified by Indian Institute of Toxicological Research, Lucknow. It has zero mortality rate on fishes.

You can call and order the product from Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Upon payment confirmation the product will be delivered within 5 working days. No courier charges applicable within Mumbai and its suburbs for any other place within India delivery charges of Rs. ----- will be charged.

Yes. Some species of green or the blue-green algae release toxins under favourable conditions especially when there is excess nutrient in waters from sewage, effluent and farm run-off. Exposure to these toxic algae could be fatal for marine species, livestock and wild animals.
Unlike diatoms, green and blue-green algae (or cyanobacterium) are not eaten by zooplankton. It also does not increase dissolved oxygen content in water. Since its cellular wall is made up of cellulose it cannot be digested by fish or other marine organisms leading to lots of dead floating fishes.

Yes. Nualgi results in growth of diatoms. Diatoms through photosynthesis converts CO2 in the air in the presence of sunlight into oxygen dissolved in water. Fishes love diatoms. Healthy fishes mean no fish death, clean and odour free water. When nutrient growth is channeled into diatoms and zooplankton growth it becomes unavailable for unwanted weeds, water hyacinth so they slowly turn yellow and die.

Yes. Heavy metals accumulate in water bodies typically from industrial wastewater, sewage and during the annual immersion of idols during Ganesha festival and Navarathri. These are mostly plaster of paris idols painted with toxic colour compounds.
When Nualgi is applied to these waters, heavy metals shall slowly turn into their non-toxic valents. Nualgi is best suited when the waters are not extremely acidic or alkaline.

Birds and animals are higher up in the order of food chain. When aquatic food chains are healthy and thriving it will automatically boost bird and animal population.
Flamingo birds iconic to Maharashtra and Gujarat in India feed on diatom algae, insect larvae, small crustaceans such as shrimp and mollusk. Nualgi facilitates algal bloom, a live feed to herbivorous zooplankton which is in-turn consumed by worms, fish and crab larvae.
Consistent use of Nualgi has been proven to increase fish quantity in water bodies. This would be advantageous to local wildlife and also fishing communities in the area.

No. For large and open water bodies such as lakes, rivers, ponds, nullas, creeks, mangroves, lagoons, reservoirs, coastal areas, offshore areas etc. Nualgi is to be diluted and directly poured into the water.
For commercial aquaculture farms, educational institutions, office complexes, industrial establishments, residential societies, septic tanks and even individual urban/rural household toilets, it can be dosed accordingly and added to existing tank set-ups. The treated water is fit for reuse in gardens or cooling towers.

Absolutely. One of the many advantages of Nualgi is its capacity for decentralized usage. Quantity of water, temperature, types of water (fresh, brakish, salty or highly contaminated) have no effect on the efficiency of the product. However, the water body should be open to sky to enable photosynthesis.

1)Individual households and residential communities: In tanks where waste water can be treated and even reused for gardening.
2)Municipal Bodies: To treat both static and flowing waters in rural or urban areas.
3)Fishing community to increase fish catch in freshwater and sea water.
4)Forest departments: Can be used in wildlife reserves, mangroves and other ecologically sensitive areas.
5)Coastlines, port, jetty etc for regular cleanup of coastlines, bay areas.
6)Oil refining and oil handling companies: Diatom Algae enables anerobic bacteria which eats oil molecules hence it can be used as a bioremediation alternative where there is continuous oil spills.

Under some conditions, certain species of cyanobacteria creates nuisance in fresh water such as excessive accumulation of foams, scum and discolouration of water. Diatom algae reduces the foul smell of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and Ammonia.


There have been no side effects observed or reported due to usage of Nualgi products.

Depends very much on where it is used. For more information please contact us.

Nualgi is one of most cost effective technology available for water treatment.

Nualgi requires small maintenance doses on a regular basis to keep the water oxidated.